Getting to the Conference...

The Alberta Library Conference is located in picturesque Jasper, at the Jasper Park Lodge.


Driving directions from Edmonton and Calgary are available on the Jasper Park Lodge website.

Road Condition Reports: Alberta Motor Association Road Reports or Telephone: (780) 852-4444
Weather Reports: Environment Canada Weatheroffice  or Telephone: (780) 852-3185

Library Bus to the Conference

The Marigold Library System usually runs a charter bus to the conference. Imagine a bus full of library people, with snacks and general conviviality. You don't need to be worried about unreliable weather or the stress of driving. The bus leaves from Strathmore and has a pickup point in Calgary. The cost includes the return journey and light refreshments. Watch for confirmation of the bus
on the ALC site or the Marigold website

National Park Fees

Park Passes are available at the Jasper and Banff Park Gates, as well as from Alberta Motor Association (AMA) locations. Information, entry rates and online ordering of passes for entry into Jasper National Park are available from Parks Canada. 


When you arrive at the conference you will need to pick up your conference registration package at the ALC registration desk in the main lobby of Jasper Park Lodge. If you are going to a preconference, please go straight to the session and register afterwards.

If you are staying at the Lodge, you will need to check in at the Front Desk and receive your meal tickets. Dinner is available from 6 – 10 pm, but you won’t get your meal tickets until you’ve checked in with the hotel. If you arrive at peak times (Thursday 6 – 8 pm), there will be line-ups at the check-in desk, but the JPL staff is very efficient and will move you along quickly. 


The JPL is very busy during the conference, and parking in front of your room or cabin may be limited. There is a large parking lot to your left as you approach the lodge, and that is available for visitor parking too. If you get desperate, bring your vehicle to the Lodge and ask for valet parking. They won’t charge you, and they’ll bring it back when you check out. Most people never go near their cars for the whole conference.




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