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Call for Volunteers for the 2019 ALC Planning Committee

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Alberta Library Conference Planning Committee is seeking volunteers for the following three positions for ALC 2019: AV/Session Set-Up Coordinator, Publications Coordinator, and Info to Go Editor. All positions have a three-year term. Volunteers must be members of either the Library Association of Alberta or the Alberta Library Trustees’ Association.

Please visit the ALC website at and click on "Contacts" to contact the current committee members for more information on their duties.

ALC pays travel and expenses to attend all meetings and the conference.  There are three day-long meetings held throughout the year, usually in June, October and March. There is also a meeting on Thursday morning of the conference which requires all committee members to arrive in Jasper by Wednesday evening.

If you would like to apply for one of these positions, please send a letter of interest to Conference Coordinator Christine Sheppard at [email protected]  by March 31, 2018.  The letter should include experience related to the position and ideas for change or improvement. The individuals with the best submissions will be selected.


This position is crucial to the success of ALC. Prior experience with AV equipment including general costs of various equipment is essential. Up to 60 sessions are planned for ALC and this position must coordinate the setup and equipment for all of them. This position is also responsible for the setup and equipment requirements for social events, meetings and other events as required. Good organizational and communication skills are required.

  • Attend conference planning meetings.
  • Set equipment guidelines with direction from the ALC Planning Committee.
  • Provide equipment information/guidelines to both the conference co-chairs and speakers when required.
  • Liaise with both the JPL Conference Services Manager/PSAV Equipment Supplier before and during Conference.
  • Provide JPL and PSAV with a list of sessions and registration numbers, setup and equipment requirements six (6) weeks prior to the Conference.
  • Receive AV equipment estimate from PSAV and negotiate changes or fee reductions.
  • Contact speakers one month before conference to confirm equipment requirements and send changes to JPL.
  • Be available at the Registration Desk for speakers (last minute requests, changes, access to rooms, etc.).
  • Walk-about to make sure equipment requests/room-set-ups meet the needs of the speakers.
  • Troubleshoot problems.


Desktop publishing and social media skills required.

a) Conference Program:

In consultation with the planning committee:

  • Collects and inputs information from co-chairs, author talks coordinator, social convenor, sponsorship coordinator, exhibits coordinator and registrar into program template
  • Sends an electronic draft to committee for input and corrections.
  • Sends an electronic final copy to committee for approval.
  • Develops a print-friendly version of the program (minimal colour & graphics)
  • Sends web version & print version of the program to the Web Manager for uploading on the site.
  • Continues to make changes & additions as required

b) Conference Promotional Postcard (optional) 

  • Designs & develops a draft of the postcard
  • Sends an electronic copy to the committee for input and suggestions
  • Investigates printing options and secures quotes from printers as necessary
  • Delivers the postcard to the printer
  • In consultation with the sponsoring organizations, directs the printer to print and distribute copies to the members of the sponsoring organizations.

c) Conference at a Glance:

  • Collects convenor information from co-chairs.
  • Collects room allocation information from local arrangements coordinator.
  • Sends draft Glance to committee for input and corrections.
  • Delivers Glance to the printer.
  • In consultation with the registrar, directs printer to print enough copies for all delegates, speakers and exhibitors.

d) Conference Signage

  • In consultation with sponsorship coordinator and the sponsoring organizations, prepares signs for the conference including sponsorship signs for sessions and social events, awards sign, exhibit hours sign and other signs as requested by the committee.


The editor of Info to Go is responsible for producing the daily newsletter at the Alberta Library Conference and for ensuring that it is relevant, informative, interesting, and accurate.

 In order to have full conference expenses covered, the Info to Go editor must:

  • attend at least two of the three planning meetings,
  • attend the operational meeting held in Jasper the day the conference begins (Thursday), and
  • actively participate in conference discussions.

 Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work in cooperation with entire committee to report conference news and highlights throughout the conference
  • Produce, edit, proofread, and print a 1 page, double-sided, legal-sized newsletter for each day of the conference (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
    • Thursday’s newsletter should be printed in colour and ready for distribution prior to arriving at JPL
  • Decide on lay-out and style
  • Set submission deadlines
  • ITG editor must supply a computer, printer, and four different colours of legal size paper for photocopying.
    • Cost for paper and first day of photocopying before arriving at JPL are reimbursed.
  • Copies of the newsletter are left at various Conference locations before 6:00 AM:
    • Dining Room (approximately 4 copies per table)
    • Registration Desk, Great Hall, Club House, Exhibits hall on each exhibitor’s table
    • Others as needs arise
  • Provide a PDF copy of each day’s newsletter to the Webmaster before 6:00 AM
  • Print 800 copies for Thursday, 500 copies for Friday and Saturday, 300 copies for Sunday
  • Advertising is not allowed in ITG